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The project description of ‘youth2youth’ -

Youth making a difference - awareness raising of voluntary work with children and young people in the South 

The purpose of youth2youth and the importance of worldwide education

The purpose of youth2youth is to inspire Danish youths to volunteer with work of development in the South e.g. as a volunteer in one of CISU’s 270 membership organizations and to show that education is a central way out of a vulnerable life. The project is based on UN world goal 4 - Obtaining a quality education is the foundation to improving people's lives and sustainable development


My African Child is a charitable association and the work we do as volunteers leads to knowledge which can’t be taught through ordinary education or work. In youth2youth we convey how volunteering can strengthen the resume and provide points in the quota-system. By using examples from My African Child’s work, youth2youth will inform which important differences volunteering can do for vulnerable orphans in Tanzania and other developing countries.


The sub-goals of youth2youth are as follows:

  • Include the children and young people from TFFT/My African Child in the work at a workshop, and to give them their own voice. We hope this will spark a global community with the youth in Denmark. 

  • Through the children’s tales of dreams, hopes, goals for the future and the fight to achieve an education, the youth of Denmark will be better motivated to educate themselves. 

  • The visual education material, developed from a visit in Tanzania, will be used in an education programme for students in Preparatory Basic Education and Training (FGU).

  • To reach a broader target group, the visual material will be used in a nation-wide campaign on social media to inform the youth of charitable work with children in Tanzania. 

  • Internal, the board of My African Child is focusing on organizational development. The volunteers would, in turn, build skills within information- and project oriented work.  


Half-day seminars will be held at Preparatory Basic Education and Training (FGU) and folk high schools in East Jutland during the spring of 2023

At each seminar, an average of 50 students, in the target group, will participate. In total, a minimum of 200 students will have participated in seminars during the project period. The project will be considered a big success if a  third of the participants show interest in doing voluntary work in an organization that works with development aid or in voluntary work in support of developing countries.
There will be held a pilot seminar at “Kompetencehuset” with 60-70 students in march of 2023, after which the teaching will be processed on the basis of evaluations. 


TFFT - The Foundation of Tomorrow Tanzania will contribute to the working process 

The employees from TFFT will be present during the project group’s visit in autumn of 2022, and both parties will work together to facilitate the workshop that will form the basis for the stories of the children/young people.
In Tanzania, TFFT will introduce the project to the schools, visit families in the villages and accompany us when we visit the children/young people. However, TFFT and a photographer will also help us with recordings of conversations/interviews with both the children/young people and their teachers and more.
In addition, we want to include and document the experiences and methods that TFFT uses when working with the children/young people and education for all.


My African Child has a special focus on the UN’s sustainable development goal no. 4
UN’s sustainable development goal no. 4 is focussing on quality education. This is also the foundation of My African Child’s values and is the background for the implementation of this project. It is absolutely fundamental for My African Child to be successful in supporting children and young people’s schooling and education in Tanzania, which is going to be the cornerstone of the dissemination of this project. TFFT has also included the UN's sustainable development goal no. 4 in practice when working with the children. 


/July 2022

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